All songs written by Lorenzo Johnson

Get Up is a fun, energetic party song that reminds us that the same power that raised Jesus from the dead, lives inside every believer. If Jesus got up from the grave, we can get up; from debt, depression, sickness and bad relationships. This song is usually a crowd pleaser. The climax of this song ends with me lying on the ground while the choir screams for me to get up. [lyrics]

Praise Your Holy Name is an interactive song that’s perfect for a praise and worship experience. This song inspires us to give God praise with all of our might. My favorite line of this song is “from the bottom of my heart, to the depths of my soul, from the top of my lungs, I’ll bless His name.” [lyrics]

In Jesus Name We sing this song more frequently at youth services and concerts. It is one my favorite songs to sing. Full of dance choreography, this song motivates people to get out of their seats. But, it also encourages believers to walk in the power and authority we have In Jesus Name. [lyrics]

These Signs is the first song I ever wrote. It was inspired by my 2006 missionary trip to the Philippians where I saw the miraculous signs of healing manifest on a eleven year old girl, who had been healed right before my eyes. [lyrics]

In His Presence was inspired by my experience at early morning prayer. The bridge of this song is a direct quote from a prayer my pastor’s prays every Sunday morning, “Let your glory be revealed and your power will manifest” [lyrics]

More Like Him Is a simple prayer that I pray during my daily devotion. “Open my eyes Lord, show me which way to go. Open my ears Lord, so I can hear your voice. Guide my feet Lord; lead me and I’ll follow …” I prayed this prayer so much that I began to sing it in my spirit. [lyrics]

Life Support “Breathe” I received a phone call that another aunt, Dezarnez Johnson-Potts, had died. I was so devastated by the news; I made my way to the hospital expecting to see my aunt for the last time, only to find, they had revived her back to life and placed her on “Life Support”. For the next two months I continued to visit my aunt in the hospital, watching her breathing with the assistance of machines, lying lifeless on a hospital bed. I recalled the scripture that said, “Let everything that hath breath, praise the Lord”; I thought to myself how could I praise God when I feel like I can’t even breathe. As the tears dried on my face, I heard the comforting voice of the Lord say, “When you feel like you can’t breathe, I will breathe for you; when you feel like you don’t want to live, I will sustain you and I will be your Life Support”. [lyrics]

I Need You After hearing about the death of my Aunt Hester, who served as the first lady of my church, I was overwhelmed with emotion. To make things worst her death seemed to bring out the worst in people. Many hurtful things were said, turning this time of mourning to bitter resentment. The pain I felt from this ordeal, forced me into a place where I desperately needed the help of God. [lyrics]

The More I Praise Him While my mom was going through her chemotherapy treatments, I would come home late from revival and late night services to hear my mother screaming HALLELUJAH and THANK YOU JESUS. I would rush into the house to see what was going on, and find her rejoicing in the Lord in spite of her pain. I learn from my mother, the more you praise God the better you will begin to feel. [lyrics]

House Of God With a lot of new age thinking within the church, I often hear people make statements like “I don’t need to come to church, I am the church”. The Bible teaches us that we ought not forsake the fellowship with other believers. This song comes from the story of Jacob found in Genesis, where he saw a latter that reached heaven with angels ascending and descending on it. Jacob grabs the angel of the Lord and wrestled with him all night long and was determined not to let the angel go until he received his blessing. He then called the place Bethel that means the house of God. It was there, where God has placed his name. A place where the blessings of the Lord flows. [lyrics]

Try God Honestly I found myself treating God how people treat a good friend that you just don’t feel like being bother with. Although you know that friend is right, you just are not ready to accept it yet. But even after I rejected God, his blood still reached all the way down and saved me. Knowing about God is one thing, but actually being a blood washed believer, who has accepted Christ as Lord of their live, is something completely different. This song simply tells us to “Try God”. [lyrics]

Romans 7 Like Paul in Romans chapter seven, I find myself struggling to do the right thing. This song reminds us although we may be faced with temptations, Jesus is always standing there, and He is our deliverer. [lyrics]

My Soul Cries Out Some of my fondest childhood church memories were during testimony service. One of the most common sayings during this service would be, “When I think of the goodness of Jesus and all that He’s done for me, my soul cries out hallelujah, thank God for saving me”. Before the person reciting this phrase could finish, the church would have already started reflecting on the goodness of Jesus. Everybody would stand on their feet rejoicing, singing, clapping and dancing. [lyrics]